Saturday, December 28, 2013


In the midst of last week's ice storm, I snagged one of these puppies off from Craigslist for 60 bucks:

It's an old Radio Shack HTX-10.  Details of it can be found here: eHam reviews of HTX-10.
Although 10 meters is a steaming pile in terms of propagation at the moment, there are several cool things that I can see doing with this.  Although it has no built in CW abilities, there are people who have homebrewed CW adapters for it.
CW Adapter for HTX-10
Another use that I have interest in is in the data modes, specifically PSK31.  In order to use these modes, you need to have a connection between your computer and the radio.  Something that this rig also was not originally designed to do.  I have found several commercial versions available online, but none that I'm willing to spend more on than I spent for the rig.  Of course, there are also several homebrewed options available.  Currently, through the use of some patch cables, I'm tying in to the output of the rig, and receiving signals through the use of fldigi.  I've got some pieces on the way that will hopefully allow me to operate in a bidirectional fashion!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

...but they don't take American Express.

I wish that I would have realized that before I spent 15 minutes filling out the forms for buying a license on the Maine IF&W web site.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bee Hive

My wife, being all cool and shit, ordered me the 8 frame hive kit that I had my eye on. It came in a box with about 100 little pieces of wood.  I couldn't bring myself to nailing the kit together, so I broke out the brass screws and the wood glue.  I'm looking forward to dumping a big box of bees in to it this Spring.  Hopefully they call it home.

I'm probably going to build another hive as well, but this time, I'll probably build the boxes myself.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ford Turbo Flange Socket

This new socket is pretty nifty.  I'm always amused when we come out with specialty tools, designed to make a specific task easier.  This particular one is for removing turbo flange bolts on six liter diesels.  It's just a funky little ten millimeter socket.  The part that I like the best about things like this is that somebody, somewhere along the way will find a use for this that is even better than its origin intended use.